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Inn on the Wharf, Burnley. Engagement Party

Engagement Party DJ Services

Engagement Party DJ Services

This was the first time I had been book for an engagement party in years. And the first time I had played in any venue in Burnley, let alone The Inn on the Wharf. Don’t worry you still get your online playlist account, so you can still perosnalise the music for you and friends and family.  And that is exactly what this couple did.


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The music!

Inn on the Wharf Burnley

Inn on the Wharf Burnley

The couples personal music in question is bit rockier, heavier, indier than the norm, so we saved that for later. We tried some chart, and party classic tunes to get the room moving, as per the playlist. But as much as people where enjoying the music, they weren’t dancing. The buffet came and went and still no one was really dancing, even though there was happy vibe in the air. So taking the bull by the horns we went for the heavier stuff, and this was when the floor started to get abused.


Biffy and More

Guests dancing at Burnley Engagement Party

Guests dancing at Burnley Engagement Party

So with a range of songs and artists from Metallica – All Nightmare Long to Green Day – Basket Case and lots of Biffy Clyro including Bubbles . We basically rocked the night away. Long with the pre-requested tunes via the online planner, plus as always, requests taken on the night. All this sprinkled with the odd nugget from my own experiance we blasted the night away. And not forgetting Head Automatica – Beating Hearts Baby which was dedicated to the ladies. who promptly went wild on the dance floor.


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Lancashire Wedding DJ

Lancashire Wedding and engagement DJ

So after 3 and a half hours we had to call an end to the evening. And even thou there wasn’t a final song pre-requested the only option really was Biffy Clyro – Manny of Horror . Now a circle of friends at the end of the night hadn’t been requested but as quite often it formed organically. Soon the happy couple where in the middle with everyone giving it their all. Was a great ending for a great night.


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