Merchant Room Wedding

Merchant Room wedding of Laura & Hani.

Merchant Room Wedding DJ with guests dancing

Merchant Room Wedding DJ with guests dancing

David Lee Wedding DJ at the Merchant Room in Castlefield rooms wedding venue. I was booked by Hani to perform at his wedding after we had are consultation, he loved the idea of requesting songs online. Plus the added extra of me supplying uplighting and music throughout the meal sealed the deal.


Chat & Demo

“I booked David for my wedding and what can I say is thank you so much for making our day so special and amazing, we had an amazing night with great music choices done by him and couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. Can’t thank you enough for such an amazing night” – Hani

On the day and Wedding Breakfast

Merchant Room Uplighting red

Merchant Room Wedding Uplighting in red

On the day I turned up nice and early due to Mancunian way being closed, to make sure I had plenty of time to set-up the uplighting / Mood Lighting, test and chill before the couple and their guests arrived.

Once they had arrived we had background music of an acoustic / rock feel, then after the meal and chill time I upped the tempo a little. Not before long everyone was itching to get dancing so Laura & Hani moved the cake cutting forward so everyone could get on partying the night away.


Lighting It Up

First Dance

Merchant Room Wedding DJ

Merchant Room Wedding DJ

The couples first dance was lovely Photograph by Ed Sheeran . This was just for the 2 of them so they could enjoy the spotlight for the last time of the day. We then followed this with the Father & Daughter dance. This was Celine Dion & Because you loved me . Everyone was invited to join in after a minute, and they did. This meant the floor was full once the party music started B-|


All Day DJ


Party Time

Air guitar at Castlefield Rooms

Air guitar at Castlefield Rooms

In the end I was only given a playlist of 4 other songs, plus 5 do not plays. Sometimes that’s how it is. You just let me do my thing, take you and your guests requests on the night and go with the flow. Some of the best night have come from just going where the music takes us. I mean I can’t remember the last time I played Sambe De janero – Bellini but out it came, and off they went doing a conga giving it some.



Music & You


Last Dance

Wedding Last Dance at Castlefield Rooms

Merchant Room Wedding Last Dance at Castlefield Rooms

The chosen song to finish the evening was Whole new world – Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle from Aladdin.  Just seemed so apt and everyone loved it was singing and swaying throughout.


Prices & Availability


And Finally…

It was a long day for me but soo didn’t feel like it. Everyone was in such a happy mood, guests and venue staff, that it just flowed without a hitch and everyone just enjoyed the music and party. Just how it should be. If you would like any information about booking me as your DJ for your Merchant Room Wedding, then please fill in the quick contact form at the bottom, and I’ll be in touch.

Merchant Room Wedding DJ Gallery

Bride and groom last Dance in the merchant room Bride and guests dancing at Castlefield Rooms Castlefield Rooms Uplighting Castlefield Rooms Uplighting Castlefield Wedding DJ Dance off in the Merchant Room Dancefloor is bouning at Castlefield Rooms Dancing the night away in the Merchant Room David Lee Castlefield Rooms Wedding DJ Father Daughter dance in the Merchant Room Good Times at Merchant Room Hands in the air in the Merchant Room Manchester Wedding DJ - Father Daughter Manchester Wedding DJ Merchant Room Uplighting Rockin out in the Merchant Room Wedding DJ for Castlefield Rooms




Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding

Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding

Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding DJ

Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding DJ

This blog follows my day for a wedding I did in December 2015 for an all day wedding at The Midland Hotel in Manchester city center. I have performed here many many times as a wedding DJ and this was the third time I had performed my all day service here. My all day service consists of wedding ceremony music, wedding breakfast  and evening reception. I also provided the uplighting at this wedding as well. So without further a do lets get on to the pictures and info…

Background to the day.

Initial contact was made in April 2014, and initially the happy couple where only interested in my wedding DJ services. We had a meeting and after leaving them to make their own mind up the initial deposit and confirmation of the booking was made in  May 2014. Around June 2015 I get a call from the brides Dad, that they had been left unimpressed with some other service suppliers and how much for the uplighting and the wedding breakfast service. This was agreed and added to the package closely followed by the Ceremony.

The Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Midland hotel Manchester

Wedding Ceremony Midland hotel Manchester

I left my house at 7am, went to my unit to load up and do any last minute prep, and then I arrived at The Midland at 9am to start seting-up. 1st thing was to set-up the wedding breakfast set-up and uplighting. Once done, it was over to the Stanley Suite to set-up a sound system for the ceremony.  This is the moment for the groom. He’s the one waiting for the bride and can get nervous so this is why I offer to play his music to help keep him chilled and relaxed.

Groom-best-men-midland-hotelBrides Mother Midland HotelBridesmaids Midland hotel Wedding Ceremony The Midland Hotel

Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Breakfast Midland Hotel

Wedding Breakfast Midland Hotel

The wedding breakfast service consists of making announcements if required, entrance songs, background during the meal, and in larger rooms, wireless microphones for the speeches.  As a surprise for the groom (super hero fan) the bride had arrange for the Superman theme to played as they where announced in the room. This put a rather large smile on his face. This is what I’m talking about when I mention making moments. The Uplighting was left on to add a bit of colour to the room throughout the day. White cloth on my DJ booth, and split my speakers apart so bigger spread of music without having to turn the volume too loud. It’s the little things right? As no one wants to see pictures of people eating, I have included some images of the uplighting all taken for the wedding breakfast, and a few other items for ideas…
Wedding Uplighting Manchester Wedding Lighting Midland hotel Wedding Cake Manchester Venue Lighting Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding Cake Table Names Place Card Manchester Manchester Place Cards

Evening Reception

Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding DJ

Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding DJ

The bride and groom didn’t want a 1st dance, so after some background music while the evening guests arrived we kicked on to party time. There online music playlist consisted of around 100 songs of various genres meaning plenty for everyone.  The idea being that we played much of the list for everyone followed by more Urban / Rap selection for the last hour or so specifically for happy couple. So all in all a great day and night for a really lovely couple.

Just a note, buy the time I’d packed up and got home it was 3.30am  – so a nice 20 hour day. Love my job 😀

Can not fault David. warm and friendly….we had an amazing night…he did exactly what we asked for …thank you David from a very happy couple xx


Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding DJ & Lighting services available for your special day. Here is a link to another page for the Midland hotel which has a few other weddings on it Midland Weddings . Any questions about my Wedding DJ or lighting for your special day here at the Midland, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Midland Hotel Manchester Wedding DJ Gallery

Bride and Bridesmaid Manchester Bride and Groom Wedding Dance Funk Stuff Manchester Manchester Hotel Wedding Manchester Wedding DJ Midland Hotel Wedding Midland Hotel Wedding Midland Hotel Wedding Wedding DJ Party Wedding DJ Trafford Suite Wedding Venue Manchester

Venue Lighting

Venue Lighting

What Is Venue Lighting and Do I want it?


Warm Orange Venue lighting

With more and more people looking at a theme for their special day, different ways to perosnalise and change their wedding venue is becoming a more common inquiry. Unfortunately they don’t know what is available and what and how it affects the room or theme. So I thought I would write a bit about some of the more popular and or effective lighting that can be used along some creative venue dressing to really create the wonder and wow at your wedding venue. And I’d thought I’d start with the most effective and cost efficient lighting options available – Uplighting (my preferred choice – says what it is on the can!) or venue lighting or mood lighting ….. It’s all the same just different names so don’t worry about that.

Venue Lighting or uplighting is basically where you would have a selection of Lighting units place on the floor around the walls of your venue. You would have them set your colour of choice, which in turn then changes the room in to a colourful receptive place where the colour really changes the ambiance of the space.   You can have single colours, alternate – pink & blue for example – multiple, or different areas on different colours. Either way there are a selection of colours and options to give you the desired effect you are after.

Same Venue With & Without

Quarry Bank No venue Lighting

No Venue Lighting


Venue Lighting









Some things to bear in mind


Alternate colour venue lighting

What Colours – You can’t make dark colours with light. So no browns, burgundy , black etc.I have been asked for all 3 of those!

Light colours on wall – the lighter & whiter the better. This will a truer reflection of the colour you after.

Dark walls and wood panelling – Will absorb various colours and shades so the desired effect will be different or less effective.

Window walls – If you have a wall of glass, not ideal as there is nothing to reflect off. But you can always have the window frames / pillars lit so all is not lost.

Ceilings – Low and light great rebounds a lot of light back into the room. Tall and Dark means just the walls light up.



Other things to consider


Multi colour venue lighting

Natural Light – This is a biggie. If you have a lot of natural light bear in mind the time of the year it is. I.E If it’s middle of June and there are no blinds/curtains (church halls etc) you won’t get the same effect as it won’t get dark until 10pm. Where as the same room in November will be dark by 4pm.

Outdoor lights indoor – Some people offering this service quote how powerful their lights are and for most weddings and the venues these units are way too powerful. Bearing in mind the idea is to enhance the ambiance not get rid of it. For the evening if it’s too bright people won’t dance or relax as they’ll feel too conspicuous. More isn’t always better and especially with lights.

Amount of lights – Some people say they do this service and put a light in each corner and call it done. This is not how I do it. The average amount of lights I use on a job is between 16-24. I don’t quote on the amount of lights. I quote to do a job and do it properly. Check people photo’s of past events so you can get a visual idea of what their work is like.


Orange and Purple Lighting


All day or just evening – Personal choice this one. Some people think they’ve paid for it so it’son as long as possible. Benefits of this is you ‘ll have a washed out look throughout the day and early evening. I like to say it’s a polite backdrop of colour. Then as it gets darker and the house lights are dimmed it becomes a more impressive effect. The alternative is have it turned on after the room turn around. This creates a real WOW Experience to all your guests not just the evening arrivals and it really can make it seem like 2 different rooms.




I mentioned price earlier but as with most services different companies  charge different prices, anywhere from £10-30 a unit. but there might be be a minimum amount to cover travel, times etc. I would expect from around £350 would be a good starting point to bear in mind. Some service providers might give a discount if you have other services so booking packages with a DJ for example becomes a even better option.

White Hart Uplighting

Venue Lighting

And Finally

I hope this has given you some ideas for your wedding venue, and if you have any questions please ask away in the comments.  Please follow me on Google+ or Facebook to catch some updates of various uplighting as I do them. I’ll be back a little later to cover some other lighting options for your wedding venue.

Thanks for reading,