Joshua Bradley Wedding

Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ & Lighting

Bluebell Suite

The Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ Service

The Joshua Bradley Wedding dj Service

Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ & Lighting in the Bluebell Suite. I supplied my DJ & Lighting for Natalie & Steven in the Bluebell Suite at the fabulous Joshua Bradley Pub / restaurant in Hyde Tameside in April. We had met up in January, this is when they booked. We then had a an additional meeting a week before the wedding to make sure I had all the up to date information. As I was providing music & microphones for the speeches during the wedding breakfast, I needed to make sure I knew where to set-up for the different times of the day and night.

Customer Testimonial

Steven & I would like to say a great big thank you to David for creating us with the soundtrack to our special day.We married at the Joshua Bradley in April and David worked his socks off from his set up in the morning, throughout the day and evening until we all finally left the dance floor in the early hours.

We gave David our brief: party time with a constant full dance floor and boy did he deliver. He gave us exactly what we wanted without us even knowing what that was. Somehow, without me having a clue what songs we wanted, David managed to nail it by listening to what atmosphere we wanted and reading between the lines.

What a professional! If your looking for great service from someone who’s priority is delivering a spot on atmosphere, tailored to you and your guests wishes and will work damn hard to make sure you get it then your in the right place. David is THE wedding DJ! Thank you, Dave, for an unforgettable day.


Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Breakfast DJ Service

Wedding Breakfast DJ Service

I was set-up on the balcony for the wedding breakfast. So for the during the meal I could see feel what was going on. I could also monitor the sound levels which was especially important for the speeches.  No point having some well written words and nobody could hear them! They had an entrance song of Ho Hey – The Luminare  which was followed by their choice of background music which was a mixture of acoustic songs and Ballads. Once the meal was over everyone went outside, which was when I relocated downstairs for the evening party.


All Day DJ


First Dance

Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ

Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ

Their first dance was the classic Phil Collins – Groovy Kind Of Love . They had their guests join inhalfway through to share the moment. This was then followed by their first song to get the party going which was Jess Glynn – Hold My Hand . And it worked B-| . The dance floor started bouncing straight away and continued throughout the night.


Chat & Demo


Party Time

Wedding Guests dancing at Joshua Bradley

Wedding Guests dancing at Joshua Bradley

Throughout the night we continued with the playlist which consisted mainly of  chart & Indie. Towards the end thou the guests wanted the party classics and we went with it. They then stayed and abused the dance floor for the rest of the night. So I ended up chucking everything from Whitney – Wanna dance  to LMAFO  – Party Rock  to One Night only – Just for tonight .


Music & You



I supplied the lemon uplighting, wedding breakfast  and evening DJ music. Tailored to their specific tastes and we had an absolute blast from start to finish. If you would like to be saying the same after your wedding day, about your DJ, then get in touch to check availability. (read the grey area above) 😉 .


Prices & Availability


Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ Gallery

Best of times at The Joshua Bradley Blue Bell Suite Wedding Bluebell Suite Wedding DJ Bluebell Suite wedding Bride Dancing at Joshua Bradley Bride giving it everything at Wedding Bridesmade Duties Bridesmaid & Bride at the Joshua Bradley Dance Floor Full at Joshua Bradley Dirty Dancing at Joshua Bradley Good Times at Joshua Bradley Gee Cross Groom Dancing with guests at Wedding Grooms Speech in the Bluebell Suite Joshua Bradley Wedding Last Dance at Joshua Bradley Making Memories at the Joshua Bradley Place your Hands Stockport Wedding DJ The groom Is King Wedding DJ Stockport Wedding Speeches in the Bluebell Suite




September Wedding DJ and lighting

September Wedding DJ and Lighting events

September Wedding DJ and Lighting Events. Yes I know we’re over halfway through October but just been sooooooooo busy again!! Sorry

OK lets crack on and head of into some lighting for weddings that I did.


Wedding Uplighting

On the same day we were installing uplighting in 2 different venues, and 1st up was Austerlands Cricket Club up on hills over looking Oldham.

Austerlands Cricket Club Wedding Uplighting

Austerlands Cricket Club Wedding Uplighting

Click here for more pictures details on this Lighting Job – Austerlands Cricket Club Uplighting


Prices & Availability

Then we tottered over to Didsbury house part of the Eclectic chain of hotels. I installed Gold Uplighting in the staris to highlight the beautiful window and purple in the ‘Party room’.

Didsbury House Uplighting

Didsbury House Uplighting

Click here for images and pictures of Didsbury House Uplighting


Prices & Availability


Wedding DJ

Djing wise we popped around a bit. 1st of we hit Soughton Hall in Flintshire North Wales for a fabulous wedding.

Bride Dancing at Soughton Hall

Bride Dancing at Soughton Hall

More details here – Soughton Hall Wedding DJ


Prices & Availability


We then cam a little closer to home to Castlefields Rooms in Manchester – What a night!!!!

Castlefield Rooms Wedding DJ

Castlefield Rooms Wedding DJ

Lots of pictures, info & reviews here – Castlefield Rooms Wedding DJ – Previous wedding here


Prices & Availability


Then we we’re even closer to home at Brookdale Golf Club . Another absolute blast of an evening. Lots fo great tune, singing and dancing.

Going Wild At Brookdale Golf Club

Going Wild At Brookdale Golf Club

Again more details etc here – Brookdale Golf Club Wedding DJ – Brookdale golf club DJ page here .


Prices & Availability


So that just about raps up Septembers Wedding DJ and lighting events. If you have any questions about Uplighting, festoons, fairy lights, wedding dj music or whatever. Please do get in touch, I’m always happy to help. So until November with Octobers events keep partying ….. 🙂

What didn’t we do in August 2016!!!

What didn’t we do in August 2016!!!

Wow what a busy August 2016 we just had. Festoon lighting, Uplighting, New wedding venues, Old wedding venues, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire. Busy busy….. All the different sections have links to the full blog post or web page with more images, and details.


Lets Start with the lighting Only…


White Hart, Saddleworth

White Hart Festoon Lighting August 2016

White Hart Festoon Lighting

Having been a wedding DJ at the White Hart, Lydgate in Saddleworth many time before it was nice to go and do something a little different. Read here for more pictures & details…. White Hart Festoon


Prices & Availability



Quarry Bank Milll, Cheshire

Quarry Bank Uplighting

Quarry Bank Uplighting

Having played and installed festoon & Uplighting at Quarry Bank Mill before many times, I thought I’d seen most combinations. But in late August 2016, I installed the Uplighting on a Multi-coloured or ‘tutti fruti’ mix – which I have to say looked pretty funky. More information here about this particular Quarry Bank Uplighting job.




Now the Wedding DJ Only


Styal Lodge – Cheshire

Styal Lodge Wedding DJ

Styal Lodge Wedding DJ

Again Played at the stunning Styal Lodge many times before. Here again, and another awesome night. More details here on this Blog Styal Lodge August wedding



Prices & Availability


Albert Square Chop House – Manchester

Chop House Manchester Wedding DJ

Chop House Manchester Wedding DJ

My 1st ever visit to the Albert Square Chop House in Manchester City Center. Pride weekend, August bank holiday, parking was a pain, but the party was a lot of fun. More details here Albert Square Chop House .




Wedding DJ & Uplighting


Rochdale Town Hall – Lancashire

Rochdale Town Hall Wedding DJ

Rochdale Town Hall Wedding DJ

First time back here at Rochdale Town hall for many years. Supplying my Wedding DJ services & uplighting on a Gold shade. Uplightng looked fabulous, and a great night was had by all. Rochdale Town Hall Wedding DJ & Uplighting




Fishermans Retreat – Lancashire

Fishermans Retreat Wedding DJ

Fishermans Retreat Wedding DJ

Again, August 2016 was the 1st time in many moons I was back here at the beautiful Ramsbottom wedding venue. Supplying ‘Champagne’ uplighting along side my wedding DJ Services. Click here for more images and information about this wedding. Fishermans Retreat wedding dj & lighting


Prices & Availability


Walton Hall & Gardens – Cheshire

Walton Hall Wedding DJ

Walton Hall Wedding DJ

Again another new wedding venue for me. Supplying Blue Uplighting along with my Wedding DJ Services, We had a blast. Already been asked by the venue to have a stall at their next wedding fayer, they were o impressed by me. Bride & Groom like as well. 🙂 . More information here  – Walton Hall Wedding DJ & Lighting



Finally for August 2016…

So that’s a wrap as they say. August gives barley gave me time to draw my breath before September rolled around and takes me to more new venues across this country and others….. 😉 Thanks for subscribing, and I’ll see you all around.


Christies Bistro Wedding

Christies Bistro Wedding

Same wedding venue as last week, different couple, different music, same outcome, good times! Yes, that’s right I was back at the slightly different Christies Bistro with all the Books, Pillars and glass elevators! 🙂

Christies Bistro Wedding Venue

Christies Bistro Wedding Venue

1st & 2nd Dance

The 1st Dance was the modern classic John Legend – All of Me  which the Bride & Groom enjoyed on their own for the 1st half, then we invited the guests to join in – which they duly did. After which they shared a 2nd love song, this time a timeless classic Sam Cooke – You Send Me .

Christies Bistro Wedding DJ

All of Me First Dance


Party Time

We had a range of most things throughout the night from 60’s & Classic soul Chart and Indie.

Manchester University Wedding DJ

Party Times at Chrities

We also had a small Old skool set starting off with a little bit of 2 Funky 2 – Brothers & Sisters

2 Funky 2 - Brothers & Sisters

2 Funky 2 – Brothers & Sisters – Classic


Last Dance

And that brought us round to the 1 o’clock finish and the happy couples final tune of the night Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

Christies DJ

Finale Song of the night


All in all another great night with everyone enjoying themselves. I now hope I don’t have to wait too long for my next wedding at Christies Bistro.

Any comments greatly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you. Also if you have any venues in mind you’ll like me to review, or music to discuss please comment and let me have your thoughts, and I’ll try and get round to doing a blog on it for you.


P.S. here is last weeks wedding at Christies



David Lee DJ PT 2

Becoming a DJ

David Lee DJWay back in  1994 I brought a set of twin cd players, and starting messing about at home. Didn’t really get on so sold ’em. But I had been bitten by the bug. I started frequenting a local DJ Store in Luton, and the guy recommended that I talk to this other guy called Wayne who ran Contrast Entertainment Agency. He supplied the equipment and jobs, I would go out and do the jobs.  So in July I went to have a chat with him, but I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to do it, so I put it on hold.

NYE 1996 I get a call from Wayne, “if I’m still interested, he’d had an inquirey, and would I want to work”. I said “yeah go on then” and off I toddled. Using half CD’s, half vinyl, playing in a pub in Hightown. Was a little weird but lots of fun. I then proceeded to work for Wayne for the next 4-5yrs. Learning the ropes, doing birthday parties, pubs, over 25’s, singles nights you named it I worked it. This was until I moved ooop north to Oldham in 2002.

All change

In 2002 I got made redundant from my job at Apex Office furniture, took my redundancy and brought my 1st set-up, and moved to a new home in Oldham. Looking back it was quite a monumental year for me, I just didn’t know it at the time.

David Lee DJ I started working as a DJ for myself as Groovy Nights Discos. This website is still live, is in it’s 3rd incarnation but has been left well alone now for 8yrs or so but it’s still here – Groovy Nights Discos . I did this while always holding down a full time job. Being married and having 2 young children meant no time for lazy days! But after awhile I realised I need to stop or get more. And the only way for me to get more was for an overhaul.

This led to David Lee DJ being born. This was where I turned from treating my DJ life as a David Lee DJ Serviceshobby into realising my potential of being a full time DJ. It was a completely different mind-set and that needed to be apparent with the website. So this was the new website – David Lee Professional DJ Services. This step-up in attitude meant doing more work before the event and giving the client more input. This led to the introduction of the Online event planner for all my clients. I then started dropping my full time job to just week days, then part time. The constant changing of technology and my business meant that after a few years I need to change again.

David Lee DJ – The New Me…

David Lee DJAfter starting this website in 2013 and having self made issues (as you do) I now (2015) feel I am up to date with my current incarnation. So with my mobile friendly website, the online planner, new van, new equipment, new unit, new office, I feel more than ever that I am suited to this life of a Professional full time DJ.

The one thing that hasn’t changed through out this time is my mantra of let the music flow. All through out my DJing life I’ve always tried to let the music do the talking and flow and judging from my testimonials and reviews you agree that I seem to do be doing something right.

Anyway – that’s the 2nd and final part of my djing life story so far. I hope I haven’t bored you all too much, and if you have any questions or comments please do drop them in underneath and I’ll endeavour to reply as soon as poss.

David Lee DJ Story

Quarry Bank Open Day

Quarry Bank Open Day

This Saturday (29th November ) from 11am-4pm , the lovely Quarry Bank Mill at Styal in Cheshire will be opening it’s doors for an open day where you can see the room set-up, talk to the Quarry Bank team and discuss your desires and ideas with to all the local recommended suppliers.

I’ll be there with a lot of very special wedding suppliers so If you are planning your wedding or looking for venues – please pop along and say Hi!  Or If you know someone who is please let them know and share.

Hope to see you there….


Quarry Bank Mill Wedding

My Wedding playlist…

Your Wedding Playlist…


About the playlist service

A big thing for weddings over the last couple of years has been ‘Give the DJ your playlist’. I know some Wedding dj’s  have declined these saying ‘they know best’  but in all honesty how can anyone know what you and your friends & family like? I have been happily accepting  personalized playlists these over the last 6yrs or so, a I thought i’d give you some more information as to what, & how I work with regards to this.

Wedding Playlist

Variety Playlist

There was a time when the everyone expected the same songs at every wedding they ever went to, but now a days this is not so true. With the advent of MP3’s, Spotify and other such musical progression it’s now easier for more people to listen to more music and different music than ever before. Therefore more people have more music that they like & love and want on their special day.  I mean I can’t remember the last time I played Frank Sinatra – New York New York to finish a wedding but when I started out 19yrs ago, there would have been uproar if I hadn’t! Peoples musical tastes have become more varied and it’s easier to get their music to make their day as they want, so why shouldn’t I play your music?

The Lowry Compass room

The Lowry Wedding DJ

Now before we go any further I don’t want you to think – it’s on the list it gets played – it’s not how it works  – well not quite. I always stress to my clients I retain creative control over the music. What this means is that I will try and use the songs requested to get everyone dancing as this is generally the sole purpose of the DJ and the playlist. But very occasionally it doesn’t, and sometimes I have to revert to what I know, and what I think will work.  Sticking to the playlist for no other reason than you like the music but no one is dancing is going to do no one any favors.  You want a fun lively night with your music that’s great, I will en-devour to give you the night you dreamed of, but sometime It doesn’t work how you envisaged and you then have to trust me to work some magic with the music.

Wedding DJ for Astley Hall

Astley Hall Wedding DJ

Now why do I happily accept your playlist when other won’t ? Well what I’ve learned is that whatever music you like – your friends will like. And as this is the main bulk of the guests, then the majority of the guests by definition will be up dancing to your playlist. If it’s a little more left field shall we say or not so main stream, I usually find it’s better to save this for later in the evening so if everyone else is after the more ‘Party Classic’ music they can have that, and can go home having had a great night. Then I can adapt the music to your list, and you can then have a great night . Result being everyone having had a great night. And that is what the goal is, everyone having had a great night.


So for example I have attached some of the wedding playlists I have done in this month so far (Aug ’14) and a link to the Facebook album so you can see exactly what results I achieve from Your playlists, with some added filler from me 😉 …..

Wedding Playlist examples

Pop Punk wedding playlist

Pop Punk Wedding Playlist


This wedding was at the Great John St Hotel upstairs on the roof top. This wedding started at 7pm. By that I mean no background tunes and straight into cake cutting into 1st dance then onto the party. And I finished at 1AM. And the dance floor was always in use. So it was a 6 hour party with only a 30 song playlist but the dance floor was used a lot – by everyone!

Great John St Wedding DJ 




Thrash wedding playlist

Thrash – Nu-Metal Wedding Palylist



This wedding was at the Bluebell suite in the Joshua Bardley.  No 1st, 2nd last dance listed, just 30ish songs consisting mainly of thrash and Nu-Metal songs.

Joshua Bradley Wedding DJ




general wedding playlist

A variety Wedding Playlist


A varied 30+ song playlist for this wedding at Styal Loge in Cheshire.  I little bit of reggae/dancehall but the rest was general disco music.

Styal Lodge Wedding DJ





Long wedding playlist

Long Wedding Playlist



On this occasion I had been supplied with a 100 song playlist with the proviso that I was not to add any additional songs or take requests from anyone else. Still the dance floor full but I know how to work the music…

Cripps Barn Wedding DJ



Minimal wedding playlist

Minimal Wedding Playlist


And of course the Minimal playlist – 3 songs requested. 1 of those was the 1st dance.

The Lowry Wedding DJ 





So if after reading this you’d like some more information about me and your playlist then have a quick read here Playlists  or get in touch here Inquiry Form or here Contact Details  – I really look forward to hearing from you.


Busy week in the life of a DJ

Busy week in the life of a DJ.

As I am a full time Wedding DJ & Lighting supplier, my week can be made up of a variety of different things. So with it being a bank holiday and it’s now Friday Night, I’d thought I’d give you a little run down of what I get up to from time to time in between weddings at the weekend. So here goes….

Palace Hotel Manchester

Palace Hotel Manchester

Last Friday I had a last minute to call to cover a gig on Sunday. This event was a science collage graduation ball at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. As I was available I helped out the agency and agreed to do it. I don’t belong to an agent at all, but I do get asked to cover their gigs from time to time.

So Monday was spent sleeping in a little but basically staying away from work. As with all Bank Holidays and weekends, if I don’t have a client meeting or an event to work at already booked, I try to keep clear of work. This is so I can spend time with my wife and 2 growing (still!) sons.

So this week did start on Tuesday with me heading off to my unit full of energy as I was about to do some re-arranging. When I 1st moved in I built some wooden racking, but times change and proper stuff was needed, so some full height metal racking need to installed. And today was the day for building it and moving everything around. Thankfully everything went smoothly and I now have a lot more space.

Manchester Graduation Ball

life of a DJ

Wednesday was a loss day. I tuned up at the unit feeling exhausted, couldn’t concentrate on doing website stuff, and had a headache from late morning on wards. This meant a lot of wasted time, and essentials only. Not a good day to be honest. But experience has told me that this happeneds from time to time, and rather than waste my day staring blankly at a screen, just wipe the day off, go home, take a pill, and chill. So that happened.

Thursday- Up early and raring to go. Today was to sort stuff! By this, I mean after re-arranging my shelving on Tuesday I found loads of containers of home stuff, you know the junk you keep in the darkest depths of your garage. But lucky ol’ me has a unit – filled with stuff! Didn’t realsie how much I had. So sorted all that, and while I was dirty, I sorted my work bench, tool boxes, and put some better lights in my unit toilet. Long day but one of those days where you feel you’ve had a productive day.

Life of a DJ

My Ever growing Son

Friday – Friday was all about doing last minute prep for the weekends gig, and client meeting. Doing another venue page on the website, and generally making sure everything was sorted and good to go. Doesn’t sound a lot when i put in text like that, but it’s quite a time consuming job. I then had to go and collect my Van from the garage after it’s health check at the ,M.O.T. and a few tweaks. Then get my eldest ready and dropped of for his Prom, then back down to the unit to finish off. Home for 9 pm, which on a Friday with no gig didn’t win any favors with the other half, but a bottle wine helped 😉

So that’s it for now I’m off to bed shortly . But suffice to say I have a client meeting tomorrow morning to for a wedding in May 2015, then go and load for a wedding in Manchester city center. This will be the 5th wedding for these bunch of guys, so I must be dong something right.

I’m sure I’ll end up updating over the weekend or early next week, with how the weekend went, so please check back later to catch up.

So that’s about it from me for now,  and I hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘Life of a DJ’ , so signing off , have a great weekend all, and I’ll see you on Monday 🙂


My 1st Time

Client meeting at my Office

Client Meeting - Wedding DJ Office Essentials...I’ve been visiting potential customers for while now, but that didn’t stop me from being very nervous about my 1st client meeting at my office.  You know you do all the usual preparation, cleaning,  hovering, making sure fresh milk is in the fridge, Bikkies stocked up you know the usual. The right venue pictures at hand. What was  also a great benefit was the fact as I was asked other questions about other services etc, I had all my pictures at hand which made it  a lot better for the client (I felt) to get a visual idea of what I was talking about and how they could visualise it in their own venue.

I was also able to demonstrate any lighting they where interested in so they could see it in action. This meant they could have a better understanding of what was involved, how it looked and worked in the flesh. On this occasion it was the uplighting that was of interest.

After the meeting I let them have my customary 7 days to ask any questions, view the wedding planner in their own time and look around. They decide to go ahead and book me, which obviously I was chuffed about, but I then asked for their views on the meeting, as I obviously wanted to see what they thought positive or negative, and this is their reply…


Hi David, sorry for only just replying.  

I am glad we came to the unit to meet you with regards our wedding rather than meeting at a cafe etc. 

I wasn’t sure what it would be like when we first turned up, but once inside it was great how you showed us the website and explained how you ensure we will have great wedding reception! 

It was brilliant to see you demonstrate the up lighters as we have only seen them online or passing at a wedding fayre. 

The tea and biscuits were a lovely touch also!! 

Look forward to you djing at our wedding. 

Speak soon 


That to me says it all – So if you fancy a chat regarding booking me as your wedding DJ or for your uplighting, you are more than welcome to pop along, have a coffee ( biscuits subject stock levels 😉 )

Wedding DJ – Everything but the Venues

Wedding DJ Services Website Update

Just to update you all regarding my Wedding DJ Services website. I’ve nearly got the website fully loaded after my ‘Web Issues’. All I have left to do is to load the wedding venues pages I already have published with pictures, then I should be back to square one. – Yay and a beer i believe…..

You wouldn’t believe how tedious this has been but I’m liking the results, so all worth it.

On the up & coming days, weeks months etc, I’m hoping to find the time to write about the different services I offer, various venues I’ve played, experiences I’ve encountered do’s and don’ts, and fingers crossed, i’ll have some guest bloggers from within the wedding industry tell of their experiences and things to do & not do, etc.

So signing of for the day & the weekend, and hopefully this time next week, I should be a like a KFC – Fully loaded 🙂