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Having been booked for my  Wedding DJ and lighting services at Quarry Bank Mill, Styal , Cheshire on numerous occasions, I am now the recommended supplier for both these services. I have supplied the wedding DJ,  Uplighting and Festoon lighting. Weather it was booked with a DJ or on it’s own. I have collected a few photographs for various weddings when  I have performed here at Quarry bank Mill, including some different coloured uplighting pictures. I even once installed uplighting down stairs in the ceremony room to add some extra ambiance during the day.

Due to the repeat great nights I have had at Quarry Bank Mill, I have now become a recommended supplier. Which speaks volumes about what the venue think of me as the Wedding DJ of choice for their fantastic venue.

I had such a hard time whittling down the photos to a select few for this great venue from the weddings I have already performed. So hence there a few more wedding pictures on here than some of the other venue pages.

The uplighting can be set to 1 single colour or alternate or you can even have what I call a ‘Tutti Frutti’ Colour which I haven’t installed yet here, but can’t wait. So for all your Wedding DJ & Venue Up-lighting Solutions for Quarry Bank Mill, Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here is Quarry Bank Mill website –  Cheshire Wedding Venue


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Here is a short video of images taken at some of the weddings I have provided my DJ & Lighting services in the Quarry Bank function room. This is just to give you an idea of some of the good times and great memories made at this lovely venue.

Delilah Snippet at July '16 Wedding

Quarry Bank Mill

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