My 1st Time

Client meeting at my Office

Client Meeting - Wedding DJ Office Essentials...I’ve been visiting potential customers for while now, but that didn’t stop me from being very nervous about my 1st client meeting at my office.  You know you do all the usual preparation, cleaning,  hovering, making sure fresh milk is in the fridge, Bikkies stocked up you know the usual. The right venue pictures at hand. What was  also a great benefit was the fact as I was asked other questions about other services etc, I had all my pictures at hand which made it  a lot better for the client (I felt) to get a visual idea of what I was talking about and how they could visualise it in their own venue.

I was also able to demonstrate any lighting they where interested in so they could see it in action. This meant they could have a better understanding of what was involved, how it looked and worked in the flesh. On this occasion it was the uplighting that was of interest.

After the meeting I let them have my customary 7 days to ask any questions, view the wedding planner in their own time and look around. They decide to go ahead and book me, which obviously I was chuffed about, but I then asked for their views on the meeting, as I obviously wanted to see what they thought positive or negative, and this is their reply…


Hi David, sorry for only just replying.  

I am glad we came to the unit to meet you with regards our wedding rather than meeting at a cafe etc. 

I wasn’t sure what it would be like when we first turned up, but once inside it was great how you showed us the website and explained how you ensure we will have great wedding reception! 

It was brilliant to see you demonstrate the up lighters as we have only seen them online or passing at a wedding fayre. 

The tea and biscuits were a lovely touch also!! 

Look forward to you djing at our wedding. 

Speak soon 


That to me says it all – So if you fancy a chat regarding booking me as your wedding DJ or for your uplighting, you are more than welcome to pop along, have a coffee ( biscuits subject stock levels 😉 )