David Lee DJ Pt1

So lets start at the beginning, with a little about me, who, what and where, and why I started DJing, and my musical favorites along this road.

Little RichardWhen I was growing up in Luton, I loved my Rock ‘n’ Roll – Little Richard especially. Elvis, Buddy holiday, Eddie Cochran yeah all good , but it was always little Richard for me – Tutti Frutti and Long Tall Sally. Then as I started listening and liking more modern music at the time I kind ‘fell in love’ with Shakin’ Stevens – Yeah I know, but you know what, I don’t care ūüôā . This Old house was my 1st 7″ Single I purchased, with the very first Hits Album being my 1st Album – Cost me a small fortune as a 12 yr old but I loved it. Unfortunately I lost this about 3yrs ago along with a load of other vinyl (Albums, 7″ and 12″) after a flood. Gutted doesn’t even begin to start how I felt, but anyway back to the story.shakin stevens this ole house

I’ve always liked music, and as much as I’d have a favorite song, artist or album at the time, It didn’t stop me listening to lots of other music. I remember getting a Rod Stewart greatest hits album free from signing up to Britannia Music (if you remember that!) ¬† and thinking, why did i buy this as I only knew, Baby Jane, Sexy and Maggie May. But I remember listening to the Killing Of Georgie for the 1st time and thinking¬†wow. Typing this now I remember sitting on a train to Harpendon listened to it for the 1st time on my Sony Walkman, feeling the sadness. It was my 1st memory of listening to a proper Story Song. This was the same time as listening to Michael Bolton, Bon jovi and Meatloaf, and some more less known¬†bands like Frazier Chorus – who I remember seeing on The James Whale Radio Show performing Dream Kitchen! So my musical tastes has always been varied – which is an invaluable asset I feel in this business.

When I moved to Harpendon as part of the porter staff at the Harpendon Hotel, I lived in the¬†staff quarters affectionately known as the ‘Hovel’ . And when ever there was a party to be had, the source of the music was usually coming from my room. for 2 reasons. 1 Had a large selection of different music, 2 – I’d let the songs finish. We’ve all been to peoples house and there be someone who keeps changing the tunes halfway through – grrrrrr. ¬†ūüôā . I use to love those little ¬†‘get togethers’ and on more than one occasion I got the old compliment ” you should be a DJ”- ¬†Yeah right I thought, but who knew …

Various-Pop-The-Hits-Album-296507So over the years I’ve flirted with¬†all sorts of music, weather it’s Rock, ¬†Soul, Indie, country, Funk, Ballads, Dance. You name it I’ve got an album or two of certain artists or a couple of compilations. With all that in mind please do not think that is all I play at my events. I almost definitely keep my Personal tastes, and Professional tastes separate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help myself when I drop Superstition on an unsuspecting Dance floor. I post about playlists quite a bit ¬†– and I will do a specific blog about it another time – but for me, I love these as I get to hear new songs, different artists and broaden my own musical horizon. And as mentioned I love a good song – whatever the genre.

So I’ll leave that one there – I don’t want to bore you, but if you’ve enjoyed this little bit of me, please let me know, and comment about my story, your 1st musical experiences, etc and please let me know if and what you’d like me to write specific blogs about, weather that’s music, ¬†weddings or business. Even if it’s not my area of expertise I might no someone who will do a guest spot! So as mentioned this will have the odd posts about my services and specifics with offers, but in reality I’d much prefer I’m telling you about me, my DJ Life, and answering your questions on this area, so please engage it will be most welcome.