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David Lee Wedding DJ

As of Feb ’23.

My name is David Lee Jones, and i’m a 51 year old father of 2 boys (men) . I’ve been happily married for 27 years and going strong. I have been a Wedding DJ, Mobile Disco and DJ Service provider for over 25 years, the last 20+ of those in the North West. In that time I have provided Mobile Disco Services for all kinds of parties including Weddings, Private Parties, Christmas Parties, School Proms and Corporate Events. Small groups of 40 up to 1200 party revellers.

Pre-DJ History.

I use to be the one that held house parties, or i’ll be the one that sorted the music at someone else’s party. I’d be the one the got annoyed every time the room was buzzing from a song, then someone else would change the song before it was finished. Hated it!!! Having spent the majority of my time in retail it wasn’t hard to see the allure of DJing.

DJ History

I initially started my DJ carer working for an agency in Luton. My 1st party was a new years eve party in a pub in Hightown. Turning up with my music collection 50/50 split of cd’s and vinyl.

My 1st website was Groovy Nights Discos which then evolved into David Lee Professional DJ Services. I have changed again as I have evolved, and the website needs to evolve along with me!   I love music, obviously, and films. I’m also just getting a little bit of a photography bug! My musical tastes have changed over the years, and with accepting customers playlists, it continues to do so. Whether it’s finding older stuff I’ve missed, or enjoying the new music as it happens.

Prices & Availability

You & Your Music

One thing I do not do though, is let my own personal music preferences dictate what I play on the night. It’s about you and your choices. As this is my full time job and as much fun as it can be sometimes I do take it and your considerations very seriously,


I am a proactive member of the NADJ (National Association of DJs) . This means best business practices are always adhered too, to give you full peace of mind. In an unregulated industry the NADJ encourages honesty and integrity among its members. I abide by a code of business practice that governs the way I choose to do business. In short this is with openness, honesty and professionalism.

So anyway I love my job, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t, and I’m looking forward to being your Wedding  DJ– Hopefully! 🙂

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Here is a blog post I wrote about my musical background if you’re interested? What am I thinking of course you are, you’ve just read this page. and you want to know what my guilty pleasures are. 🙂

Any questions, please just ask away. I look forward to hearing from you,



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