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This couple had a DJ Consultation

So you are not sure if you would like to meet up in person before hand. I mean all you do is turn and press play right? There is more to it than you think,  and this is my time to explain what, how & why. This page is about what happens at my Free DJ consultation/chat, and it also explains why you should have one, whether it’s with me, or whoever your Wedding DJ is.

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Why have a Consultation?

There are a quite a few reasons why you should have a free DJ consultation. Here are 5 reasons why you should!

1. Put your mind at rest.

Wedding DJ Consultation

Free DJ Consultation

You can get a feel that the DJ you are talking to is the DJ on the website. Sometimes websites seem to offer everything you are looking for, but once your DJ turns up on the night you can get a completely different feel that you are not getting what you believed you where getting. Too late to do anything about it on the night. I built this website, I wrote this website, I attend the meetings, this website is me.

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2. Put my mind at rest.

I want to make sure what you are looking for is what I can offer. I have turned work down before because I don’t believe I am the best DJ for that particular job. Sometimes it could be because you want a Northern Soul Night for example. I can quite happily do a set of this kind of music but I wouldn’t be able to do 6hrs of northern soul. You are looking for a specialist. Or you are looking for a personality DJ who’ll entertain the children and play games etc. I would rather not take the job, and you appreciate my honesty, than take your money and ruin your day.

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3. I will demonstrate your personal on-line wedding planner.

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This couple had a DJ consultation

This wedding planner allows you to input various bits of information. But what gets most people excited is the ability to request music and build your playlist. Not only that but a few other personal forms I have created all help with getting the music right and the running of the day.  Being able to see this and how it works at the consultation, really opens people eyes to what you can do.

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4. I can demonstrate the up-lighting in person.

Because I have an office and a unit, if you come to me, I can show you the up-lighting/festoons etc and we can have a play with the colours. Making sure we get the right shades, and alternate colours just right. I also have my festoons strung up to show you.

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5. I can explain how I work & why!

This way you understand on the day what and why things happen. This means you can relax with no unexpected surprises. I’ll explain about early in the night, later on, musical choices, additional ones to your favorites, and of course how to make your special moments just as you want them.

Once you’ve had one of my consultations you’ll want with all the other DJ’s you’re looking at.

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About the meeting

North West DJ consultation

DJ Consultation – It’s FREE!!!

Cost – It’s free!!! Can’t get cheaper than that. I’ll give you a price to perform at your wedding before the meeting so there are no surprises at our consultation. So up until the point you decide to book me, it has cost you nothing to get all the information you require. Except maybe a cup of coffee!

Where? – Well I’m happy coming to your home or maybe your favourite coffee house or bar as long as it’s quiet. Maybe at a halfway point or even virtually – no problem.

When? – As I am a full time Wedding DJ, I have had meetings as early as 8 am and as late as 9 pm. The norm  is usually around 6/7 pm. Regarding on the day we meet. Monday -Thursday  is usually fine any time. Friday, Saturday & Sunday is more dependent on what events I have on, but if I’m free let’s do it.

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What’s the difference with a DJ Consultation with David Lee?

No one likes being sold to and I’m guessing you are no different. And to be honest I don’t like selling either. So what I do is once we’ve had our consultation, I’ll walk away. No big pressure of me saying “if you sign today you’ll get 100% off, or a free something or other”. I don’t want to force your hand.

I don’t sell my service on price, I sell it on quality. I don’t want you to be put under any more pressure than you are already under with trying to make sure everything is just right for your special day. If I’m not for you, then so be it. Not every one is my customer and I am not everyone’s DJ. I want you to want to book me, I don’t want to make you book me. That is why I will let you walk away and think about it – No hassle, honest.

My DJ Consultation is just a chat. You ask your questions, I’ll ask mine.

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After the DJ Consultation

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After the meeting  I will hold your date for a further 7 days. The reason I do this is to give you time to access to your planner and have a look around it, get a feel and see whether it will make planning your wedding day easier/better. Give you time to ask any further questions to and make sure I am the right DJ for you. How many times have you walked away from a meeting and gone – “I wish I had asked…” It’s one of thee most important days of your lives, and I want to give you as much information and as much time as possible for you to make sure I am the right DJ for you.

Obviously if you want to confirm the booking there and then, that’s fine, I won’t say no. Whatever works best for you.

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To wrap it up!

Wedding DJ For you

Your Wedding DJ

Basically the question shouldn’t be why should I have a Free DJ Consultation, the question should be why not? You get to talk to me, your potential DJ. You get to see and play with your personal on-line wedding planner, you get to talk music, and you get to walk away under no pressure what-so-ever. To me it’s what they call a no brainer. And please don’t forget, I am happy to give you a quote before we meet so there are no surprises, just information. Thus allowing you to make an informed choice, in your own time.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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I do update my Facebook quite regularly so you can get an idea of how I work, what I do and services I offer. So feel free to like and follow me there. I am also on Twitter (don’t use much) and Instagram a little bit more but not much.