Friezland Church Hall Wedding DJ Services

Booked for the wedding breakfast and evening reception I arrived nice and early, at Friezland Church hall in Greeenfield, Saddleworth. So early in fact I got to meet both the bride & groom before they walked over to the church for the ceremony, not at the same time mind you that would just be wrong.

Unbeknown th the groom we organised last minute to have the Harry Potter theme played for when thye were annouced back into the room to take their place at the head.

After the speeches and food, we cleared the tables from in front of the stage to make room for the dancefloor. And got down to business! The couple hadn’t given me any musical requests, deications or guidline,s and basically just wanted everyone to have fun, ask for requests and go with the flow. Mission acomplished

Thank you very much, everyone had a fantastic time, couldn’t of asked for a better DJ

Olivia (Bride)

Thier 1st dance was Lucky Stars – Lucy Spraggan and they invited their guests to join in halfway through. From there on in, we were free wheeling and played everything from motown & soul like Aint no mountain high enough through to more heavy stuff like Rage Against the Machine & Drowning Pool . Even got to play Miley Cyrus Flowers which had only just been released.

By the time we had reached the end of night, everyone had been up, and had a great time, as the images show. And whilst a lot of time most of clients enjoy putting their a little bit of their DNA over the playlist for the evening which I love. But it still goes to show, if you just want to go with the flow, I can make that work too.