January 2017 what a start!

So here we are with the 1st monthly round up of the year. Straight out the gates in January 2017 in to 2 weddings and lots of inquires. Yay!

The Weddings…

On the 7th

Wedding DJ On The 7th

Wedding DJ On The 7th

1st off on the 7th of Jan I went back to On The 7th in media city. I was only there in October 2016, so I knew exactly what and where etc. A very chilled affair, with a playlist of a few suggestions, open to requests and my input on the night. Bearing in mind it was the 1st weekend after New Years Eve, people where still up for good dance. More details about this wedding here :- On The 7th Wedding DJ


Music & You


Bramall Hall

Bramall Hall Wedding DJ

Bramall Hall Wedding DJ

The next weekend I revisited Bramall Hall in Stockport. This was the 1st time was back there for quite a few years, plus it was the 1st wedding since it re-opened after a lengthy but essential closure for maintenance etc. It was nice to see it again as it really is a unique wedding venue. I was asked to play solely from the playlist, keep the sound limiter in mind and make sure everyone had a great a night. All achieved. Click here for the full blog post. Bramall Hall Wedding DJ


All Day DJ


Lighting Services

Manchester Midland Hotel Uplighting

Manchester Midland Hotel Uplighting

Installed Uplighting in the Trafford Suite, Midland Hotel, Manchester for a realty TV show. They were hosting a Burlesque Casino night and wanted red uplighting. I manged to get a couple of pictures of before & after to give you some idea as to how uplighting or venue lighting can really change the way a room looks. More details and images here : Manchester Venue Lighting Services


Lighting It Up



January 2017 Inquiries and more

Manchester Wedding DJ January 2017

Manchester Wedding DJ

January February & March are usually pretty quiet for actual weddings to do, but as soon as the 1st of January rolls round the inquiries start flowing in. I think people are just waiting to wake up News Years Day, and say right ‘let’s get this wedding planning sorted’ 🙂 . And this year was no different. Loads of meetings, emails and phone calls which made it a bumper month for bookings here. We had by the end of January 2017 half the amount of bookings on the books, we had in the whole of 2016. Still 11 months to go!  So if the rest of year continues like January, 2017 is going to be the best & busiest year ever.

Bring on the parties, I got some good music at some great venues with lots of lovely people coming up and I can’t wait. So I’ll wish you all the very best for 2017 and I’ll see you around. 😀


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