Mill at Conder Green Wedding DJ

What a wedding we had at the stunning Mill at Conder Green near Lancaster. As it’s not local I made sure I set off early ‘just in case’ so I arrived a little earlier than normal, ready to get in and set-up on time. Once the meal and speachers were finshed in I went and got sorted for the 1st dance.

The First Dance

This was the 1st time I had played Scouting for girls – This is a love song as a first dance but they were so into it, and after a short period we had everyone else gate crash the dancefloor and join in with the the happy couple. This was followed, as requested, by Heroes – David Bowie which meant we got off to a flyer and we never looked back.

Party Time

The couple had supplied a playlist of around 100 songs, plus allowed me to take requests, so we went on a wild and crazy ride playing songs from in no particular order – Diana Ross, Led Zepplin, Stevie Wonder, Kinks, Springsteen, The Cure, James, Jet, Killers, Muse, White Lies, Blink 182, Fall out boy. The Dancefloor was full all night!!!!

Last Dance

As is the case when people are dancing their arses off all night, the end rolls round too soon, and on their playlist we had Elbow – One day like this as a high priority, so I saved that as second to last as they had requested a specfic last song. This got everyone up and on the floor and hands in the air with everyone siging at the top of their lungs and hugging of course. Then with just a a couple fo seconds pause we played Mr Brightside – The Killers to make sure everyone had used every last bit of energy before the night ended.

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Mill at Condor Green Wedding Gallery

And as reminder of what a great night we had here is a small gallery of some of the dancefloor memories made at this wedding.