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The Woodman Inn Wedding DJ – David Lee

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I was booked to play here at The Woodman Inn, Huddersfield for Clair & Paul’s Wedding in May 2022. On of the initial questions was “do i really play what my couple want?”. The answer of course is yes. They asked this because Paul is in to his heavy thrash metal, and Clair not so much. So this led to a real 50/50 split on the playlist.

The On-line Playlist

The benefit of booking me is that I offer all my clients an online planner that, among other things allows you to build a very personalised playlist for the evening. Which in this case was perfect. Clair choosing classic tracks from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s mainly, with everything from Motown to eighties stadium rock like Def Leppard – Pour some sugar on me . It was agreed to play her sets 1st, and move over to Paul’s for the second half of the evening. His range went from Alice in Chain – Them Bones to the likes of Slayer – Bloodlines & Trivium & Sever The Hand .

Both sets had different parts of the guests up, but the main thing is that either the bride or groom or both were dancing the night away to the music they wanted. And that’s all that matters to me.

First Dance to last song

So we went from Paul Weller to Slayer via all the usual suspects and some not so usual tunes, but the goal of having a great night was achieved by the happy couple. It was only a small wedding but the doesn’t diminish the ability to have your music and a great night with it. Check out the pictures and if you have any requests about your special day get in touch.

The Woodman Inn Wedding DJ Services Huddersfield