Tosside Community Hall Wedding DJ

Wedding first Dance at Tosside Community Hall Yorkshire

Wet Windy Weather at Tosside Community Hall

It has to be said the weather was horrific at Tosside when I arrived late afternoon for this wedding at their commuity hall. Thdre was only 1 cloud that covered the view in every direction and it was absolutly pi**ing it down and blowin a gale. But as soon as I entered the building you could tell straight away that spirits were high, the atmosphere was positive and I knew we were going to hav a great time, and we did.

From playing some acoutice tunes while Beer pong was played joy was everywhere, and the we kicked of the night with the Dance which was a Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillate , which I’ve neaver heard before but is was beautiful and set the room dancing when everyone joined in.

Then it was full on throughout the night covering some motown, eighties, nighties, chart, dance, D&B & Indie off their paylist. Last song of the night was a favourite of mine which I’ve never played at a gig before, so I was happy 🙂 Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnectic Zeroes

Tosside Community Hall Wedding