Wedding Breakfast Music

The benefit of having me a Professional Wedding DJ in charge of your wedding breakfast music is it gives you a couple of advantages.

Wedding Breakfast DJ Set up

Wedding Breakfast & Uplighting

Have a Big entrance song as you are formerly welcomed in to the room.

No ‘Dead Air’ , Have the mood and the atmosphere relaxed, chilled and easy.

Cover the sound of cutlery on china.

Microphones for the all important speeches are included.

Minimal space needed. So small foot print big difference.

Your playlist on your own Mp3/Ipod.


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Wedding Breakfast and uplighting

Wedding Breakfast and uplighting

Entrance song?

Why not have a entrance song? When you are formerly asked to take your place at the head table have a favorite song played as you are welcomed in to the room from your guests. It can be a love song, upbeat pop song or even a funny tune that is special to you both. But why not indeed.


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Background Music

Having supplied the soundtrack to many a Wedding Breakfast, I have now created a collection of playlists of different types of music to suite your tastes. And if I haven’t I will. Some of the more popular playlists include, a classical, ballads, acoustic, swing and smooth Jazz. These will be softly faded into and out of, for announcements and speeches etc.


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Microphones for speeches

Wedding Breakfast Set-up

Wedding Breakfast Set-up

I will play your choice of music during the meal. I can also supply wireless microphones for the wedding Speeches. This option is ideal in a larger, higher ceiling rooms, where words can lost before they reach the back of the room. You wouldn’t want your guests to miss out on those all important sentimental words or funny antidotes. Plus the wireless microphones option comes free with the wedding breakfast package anyway!


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This allows a quick effortless food service and even sound dispersion so people can enjoy your music at comfortable levels. You can even have a special song played for the cutting of the cake, entrance, exits, making those special moments even more memorable for you. I update my Facebook & Google+ quite regularly so you can get an idea of how I work and what I do and services I offer. Please like and follow me there or ask away if you have questions.

David (The Wedding DJ)