Your Wedding Ceremony

Your song as you walk down the isle is all you think you need to think about?  Well think again. Here are some reasons for having a Professional Wedding DJ in charge of your wedding ceremony music…

Minimal Equipment

Wedding Ceremony Music Set-up

Wedding Ceremony Set-up

Don’t fret about there being an industrial mountain of metal stuck where you need to walk.  Or large speakers cluttering the background of your photo’s. I have small stand I can work from, designed for ceremonies with a Ivory front so as to blend in and not be too obvious. I also have a simple but effective stand for placing a small speaker above head height (while seated). The benefit of this is no tripods legs sticking out. Plus the music will travel allowing everyone to hear the music without having to play it load. Background is just that, background. Obviously turn-ed up a little for the special walks up and down the isle, to give a bit more impact.



Background Music

Wedding ceremony music

Wedding Ceremony Music – Background

Having a little background music before the grand event, just helps keep the atmosphere easy and relaxed. Think about the groom waiting for his beautiful bride to walk down the isle to him? having something he likes & knows will just keep more chilled and relaxed. You can even have a song before the walk down the isle so you both know that the moment is just around the corner. Why not have acoustic versions of songs you love or even classical variations of songs you know or just some chilled tunes. And don’t forget after you’ve left the room a happily married couple, your guests will still be in the room.


Prices & Availability


 Walking Down the Isle

Wedding Ceremony DJ

Wedding Ceremony Music Walknig Down the Isle


With a professional Wedding DJ in control of the ceremony music you can have a little more flexibility about your chosen song. You can have you song gently faded out as you arrive at the alter rather than abruptly shut off. Or you can have a song started at a specific time so you arrive next to your partner at a particular moment of the song. Again just another way of making those moments that bit more you.




Signing Of the Registrar

Signing of the registrar Music

Ceremony Music – Signing of the registrar


You might not have given much thought to this, but while you sign the registrar, if you have nothing playing you have dead air. So why not have some personal favorites in the background. Remember, there is you signing, your witness signing, plus photo’s etc, so having something playing just helps keep the atmosphere nice &  relaxed.



Walking up the Aisle

Up the Isle Wedding Music

Wedding Ceremony Music – Up the Isle



And finally that 1st walk as married couple, why not have something that says you are the happiest people ever. You can have something lively and upbeat or another love tune or song that means the world to you both! This helps keep the atmosphere light and in tune with you and your feel for the day.




Prices & Availability


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