Fairy Lights

Waterproof Fairy Lights

Golf Club Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights are white cabled with white led’s. The are ideal at home inside, as they are outside. The only thing that limits there use is your imagination. As with all my lighting services if you book with my Wedding DJ Service you’ll receive a package price meaning not only can your imagination run riot , it won’t hurt your Wedding budget too much either. The fairy lights beautifully enhance any feature they are draped over. So weather you want them outside wrapped around railings whilst looking out over the venues views or a starlight feeling inside, give me a call.


Fairy Light Wedding Canopy

Wedding fairy Light Canopy



Have a canopy over the dance floor,




Wedding Fairy Lights

Pillar Lighting



Or have my fairy lights wrapped around pillars in the middle of the room.

Fairy lights for beams

Fairy Lights for Beams




You could have them around the beams over head


External Fairy Lights

Outside, weatherproof Fairy Lights



Or having the fairy lights just on the railings on the balconies and verandas




Venue Fairy lights

Venue lighting


Prices & Availability

Hung wrapped and more

Where ever or what ever you would like wrapped in my bright white Fairy Lights it will only bring them to life. They are white LED’s with white cables and they will blend in to your environment. They are perfectly suited to being hung on pillars and ceiling as they are to being wrapped around external railings on golf club balcony.

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Coming Soon, Warm White fairy lighting for inside or outside your wedding venue. I also have Warm White Festoon Lighting see here. And real soon I’ll also be bringing you new unique type of backdrop. So keep popping back for more information. Any other lighting you may require please do get in touch.

Fairy Light Gallery

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