Image Projection

Image Projection

Image Projection & Uplighting

Image Projection is another name for Gobo projection or monogram projection. This is where you can have themed images and names projected onto floors, walls, ceilings etc. These can be either be stationary or slowly rotating. The Image machines I use take glass or metal gobos. These are a lot better, brighter and sharper than a lot of these ‘home print’ jobs a lot of people are using.


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Glass or Metal Gobo?

Image Projection Snowflakes

Snowflake Projection

The glass Images (Gobos) are more expensive but  give a Superior image – I recommend these for monogram projection or patterns with a lot of details. They can handle a lot more detail in their image,

The metal image (Gobo) is a cheaper option but for a lot of designs the metal gobo is fine. Backdrop or more simplistic designs don’t look any different in the metal one.



Star Projection

Star Projection on Ceilings & Floors

These image projection units can be used on their own or can be used as a backdrop with my  up-lighting to really create the WOW effect for your room. You can use 1, 2 or more Image projection units around your room. So what ever ideas you have give me a call and I’m sure I can make them come true.


Prices & Availability


Updates and keeping in touch.

I also update my Facebook & Google+ quite regularly so you can get an idea of how I work, what I do, and services you may be interested in. Or just pop on ’em for a little bit of inspiration,  so feel free to like and follow me there!

So if you have any questions about gobo projection or Image projection, do not hesitate to get in touch. You cna always come to my unit for demo, and discuss your ideas over a coffee – David Lee for all your image projection needs.