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Now we are getting to the good stuff, your music. Your wedding playlist the bit that makes all you all different.

Manchester Wedding Playlist DJ

Playlist for Weddings in Manchester

As already stated, I happily accept your wedding playlist. I even give you the facility to build your own wedding playlist on line.  Does this mean I can’t think of music myself? Of course it doesn’t. What it means is I can, and I am happy to, tailor the wedding music around your own personal musical tastes.

I am a DJ of over 20 yrs experience I have played at most types of events at some point in my career, so I have a wealth of musical knowledge. But what I don’t know is what you want! 


Prices & Availability

Who are you 1, 2 or 3?

My clients who supply a wedding playlist roughly fall into 3 different categories.

1) You are not too fussed about a specific wedding playlist, more a case of let the music flow, and if you pop in 4 or 5 specific requests in at some point that would be great. I will happily encourage requests on the night and with my own musical knowledge,  you and your guests will have a fantastic time.

2) You would like to supply a wedding playlist of 30 – ish songs and leave me & your guests to fill in the blanks. Basically a guide to some of your favorites. If this is you then do not fear as anther great night will be had.

3) You’d like to put your finger print over most of the music for the night. If you want to supply me with a playlist of 100 songs, then guess what, you will also have a fantastic night.

Why do I say this when other wedding DJ’s won’t? 2 reasons.

1 – I have faith & belief in my DJ ability and musical knowledge.

2 – No-one knows what you and your friends like to get up to on the dance floor better than you and your friends. I can spend half the night trying to get round to what you want. But by that time we’ve wasted half the party time!

Playlist for wedding 1

Wedding Playlist 1

Playlist for Wedding In Manchester

Playlist 2

Palylist for wedding 3

Wedding Playlist 3











Don’t worry you’re in safe hands….

Wedding DJ Playlist

Wedding DJ who Plays your Playlist

I am just at home playing party classics from throughout the years like Rock ‘n’ Roll, Motown, 60’s and Disco. As I am playing from your wedding playlist of  Chart,Indie, Madchester, rock & electric 80’s.

When having the initial consultation I describe how I’ll work your music into your night. How non-traditional you may think your tastes are, I can work an ample set into the night proceedings.  Rock, Indie, Old Skool Hip hop, Trance, Heavy Metal & Dance etc, I’ve done proper sets of these types of musical styles at traditional weddings. This doesn’t mean you have to have the whole night of all of one genre (even though I’ve done those). It means I can cater for you and your musical tastes, without ignoring your other guests. So at the end of the day everyone will go home having had the best time!


Prices & Availability


You want to talk Wedding playlists & music?

Wedding Playlist DJ

Wedding DJ Playing from your playlists

However short or long you would like your wedding playlist, I am happy to talk to you, advise if I think it’s needed, and play what you want. So whether you are one those people who would like to leave it all to me, or if you would like a little more input into the music for your wedding day, then get in touch,  I’m happy and waiting to talk to you.



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