Norton Grange Hotel Wedding DJ

Norton Grange Wedding DJ & Lighting services for your special day. Are you having your wedding ceremony or just the wedding breakfast and reception here at Norton Grange? Then why not book someone who will provide the soundtrack to your stay here.

Ceremony & Wedding Breakfast

Wedding DJ Ceremony set-up and music

Ceremony Music for the Wedding

I have provided the ceremony music for the guests, whilst waiting for the bride. Along with specific tracks to play for the walk down the aisle, signing of the registrar, and of course the walk back up the aisle . Starting at specific parts and fading out so there a nicer smoother flow to the music and the feel of the day.



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Venue Lighting Services

Norton Grange Manchester with up-lighting

Purple Up-lighting at Norton Grange

I have also installed up-lighting for evening. These can be set to your chosen colour and be turned on during the day. Or maybe just the evening for a WOW effect for your day guests too. These along with the wedding breakfast and ceremony music are all additions so don’t feel you have to have. Just letting you know that if you want to you can have complete personalisation of the music and lighting for your day.


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Norton Grange Wedding DJ Services

Wedding DJ Lancashire

Norton Grange Wedding DJ

And of course the main thing you are looking for – The Wedding DJ. Me David Lee, happy to play your music, happy take your and your guests requests and basically make sure I can play what you want to make sure you have the night you want. Online planning facility to allow you make requests, dedications and build your playlist so I can turn up knowing what you want.



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So Finally…

So whatever your music taste is weather it’s no cheese, indie, urban, rap, metal, rock or good old Party Classics, just give me a call or send me a message, and I’m sure I can accommodate your music preferences.

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